Massage Oils for Swedish Massages

There are several massage oils for Swedish massage in the market today. Most of the oils rely on the oil’s aroma for therapeutic effects in order to achieve optimum calming effects. It is no wonder most oils come as herbal oils rather than generics.

The masseur should be able to prescribe good massage oil to the client. This is because the client wants to relax and various oil types help achieve various states of relaxation depending on the patient’s preference.

Choosing the Right Massage Oils for Swedish massages

Most people who request a Swedish massage have no idea of the profound effect various Swedish massages have on the relaxation process. While professional masseurs will know how to mix the oils, it is important at least to have an idea about the various components for a massage oils .

These are a few factors to consider when choosing massage oils for Swedish massages.

Different skin types
Essential oils
Individual oil characteristics
After-effects of oils on skin

Different skin types require different oils. This is because a person with oily skin will end up with a pimple breakout because of the blockage of skin pores caused by excess oil on the skin. Water-based lotions or oils are the best for oily skin because they do not block skin pores. They do not interfere with oily skin.

For a client with dry skin, moisturizing oil based massage lotions are used in order to maintain skin moisture and reduce dry skin occurrences. They work by blocking pores to reduce skin moisture loss.

Essential oils help in aromatherapy. The smell of these oils creates a mood that enables faster relaxation and the feeling of being pampered therefore increasing the effectiveness of the Swedish massage.

The massage oils for Swedish massages have different characteristics. Some oils contain a higher amount of saturated fats. This oil is used only on clients with dry skin. Other oils contain additives such as zinc, botanical CO2 extracts, Bisabolol, anti-acne formulation and vitamins. Ensure that you are aware of substances that may cause allergic reactions on some skin types. It is important to be knowledgeable.

The after effect of massage oils depends on individual skin. Again, ensure that the skin is well moisturized and the PH balance is not disturbed by certain oils or additives used during the Swedish massage.

The Best Massage Oils for Swedish Massages

The best oils have a consistent thickness that does not leave the skin feeling sticky. The very thin oils can be thickened by Shea and coconut butter. Shea butter oil also works well to give good massage oil thickness. Avoid these if you are dealing with oily skin.

Sweet almond apricot kernel, jojoba oils and sunflower oil with high oleic content are great massage oils for Swedish massages. They offer good lubrication without leaving the skin dry.

Oils with Rosemary CO2 extract or Vitamin E extracts are good for keeping the skin supple and soft after a Swedish massage. Include them in your daily massage routine and you will keep your clientele happy.

Sweet almond oil is both aroma-therapeutic whilst pampering the skin. It is a little expensive compared to the other oils but it goes great with a Swedish massage.

Sesame oil, peanut oil, avocado oil and grape-seed can be mixed together to create a blend of massage oils for Swedish massage with wonderful results. Add a dash of chamomile, lavender or sandal wood essential oils to the oil and achieve the best Swedish massages of all time.

Finally buy plant-based oils, as they are the best for healthy skin but ensure that you do so in small amounts. They tend to go rancid when they stay for too long. Replenish the massage oils for Swedish massages regularly.