Massage At Home With Manual Equipment

Getting a massage usually entails going out to get the massage. Whether to a friend’s place or an actual store establishment, it also needs to be performed by the friend or the professional masseuse. Whatever is the case someone is needed to perform the massage. Even at home someone is needed, perhaps a family member, to perform the massaging while one relaxes. The only alternative for a solo run by oneself is to use some sort of equipment. In this day and in this age of electronics and computers fancy and sharp devices are readily available to fulfill such need.

Through out time the creativity of the human mind have come up with a vast assortment of tools and equipment to help make it easier with daily living. This is also the case with massages. Even though there are many devices big or small that may require a power source to run it, there are still great massage tools that require no electricity at all. They may look primitive or simplistic in terms on the present but with today’s technology and fashion trends that even an ordinary tool can have improvements and look quite stylish. What is perhaps one of the oldest and most well known tool is the back scratcher. Granted it only scratches backs but this device eventually leads to other concepts including a massager.

Roller Ball Massage

massage at home swedish massage roller With a massaging equipment there is the advantage of not needing someone to perform the task on you. Another extra benefit is that you can do the massage over the clothing. No clothes need to be taken off to use many of the massage devices out there. This Nayoya massage ball roller is one of those. It is small and fits in your hand. All that is needed to do is roll the ball over the area of the body to be massaged. The way it is constructed not much force is needed so it won’t strain the hands from over rubbing. It is quick and easy to clean when finish using. Lotion can be applied in the roller to provide a more unique Swedish massage experience. Also place it in the refrigerator before use then experiment with a cold massage therapy session.

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The Stick

massage at home the stick

The Stick is currently one of the most popular handheld massager out there that don’t require electricity. Professional physical therapists often use them on their patients and recommend them. It works all over the body from the foot to the back to the neck. Perfect to use after the daily workout session. Relieves knots and trigger spots in seconds. Great on leg cramps or tight calf muscles for joggers. It is also flexible which means it’s not recommended if you are looking for a tool that does deep tissue massaging.

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