Swedish Massage For Those With High Blood Pressure

Things to Consider when it Comes to Swedish Massage for Those with High Blood Pressure

Several studies show that regular massage is beneficial to those who have high blood pressure. Swedish massage for those with high blood pressure helps to calm the sympathetic nerves, which are responsible in increasing the blood pressure which is often due to stress. In fact, there are various evidences that suggest that regular massage helps to lessen the stress, which as a result, keeps one’s blood pressure at bay. But there are certain things that one should consider before getting a Swedish massage, especially those who have high blood pressure.

Check with your Doctor

Before undergoing any kind of massage, including Swedish massage, it is extremely important that you check with your doctor for further advice. It is your doctor who knows whether you are fit to undergo the Swedish massage, given that your blood pressure is high. Although the Swedish massage for those with high blood pressure comes with health benefits, there are certain risks that come with this. So before you lie down on that heated up massage table, see your doctor first and get yourself checked.

Look for a Highly Certified Therapist

As always, make sure to choose a highly certified massage therapist before getting a Swedish massage if you have high blood pressure. There are some masseurs who will leave you feeling sore and that your body could end up swelling which might just trigger the increase of your blood pressure.

A highly certified therapist knows the proper method of applying Swedish massage therapy especially for people who have high blood pressure. If in any case you feel that the massage you are getting doesn’t seem right or is just too painful, speak up right away before your blood pressure shoots up.

Light Massages

A Swedish massage for those with high blood pressure should comprise of light massages and something that is not too harsh or too painful for the body. Having high blood pressure means that there is an excessive pressure against your blood vessel walls and the Swedish massage could affect your blood vessels. Therefore, people who have high blood pressure or those who are suffering from certain heart conditions must only go for light and sedating massages only.

In summary, getting Swedish massage for those with high blood pressure is not really a problem for as long as you talk to your doctor about it and that you hire only those who are highly certified to perform proper Swedish massage techniques.