Things to Consider When Doing Swedish Massage for the Elderly

Swedish massage is known to be the most basic of all massage techniques and is very popular worldwide. This type of massage is said to help treat people with arthritis, Parkinson’s, diabetes, and several other illnesses related to aging.

The reason is because Swedish massage helps to relax the muscles which aids in the proper circulation of blood and lymph. It also helps relieve all types of body pains, improve one’s mood and help one to achieve sharper thinking. Because of this, Swedish massage for the elderly is becoming more and more popular these days. But this massaging technique should be executed the right way because doing it improperly can lead to pain and bruising.

Proper Massaging Technique

The Swedish massage for the elderly should be done by a professional massage therapist only. They are people who are trained to perform different massaging techniques, including Swedish therapy. Since older people experience more stiffness on their joints, special attention should be given if the client would feel discomfort. The therapist must adjust their massaging technique so as to make the client feel more comfortable. A lot of times, oils, lotions and creams are used for this type of massage so as to help in nourishing the skin, resulting to a more comfortable massage experience among the elderly.

Long and Flowing Strokes

Long and flowing strokes should be used when applying Swedish massage for the elderly. These strokes help to relax tense muscles and limber up the joints, while improving blood circulation at the same time. Gliding strokes should be applied gently on the limbs of the client and hands and thumbs are used to apply pressure in order to increase blood circulation. The massage should also be applied on the shoulders, towards the tips of the fingers, down to the neck and spinal cord.


Some people would say that Swedish massage for the elderly should be avoided. But several researches were done which show that this type of massage is safe for the elderly and in fact, it comes with several therapeutic benefits that are ideal for the elderly who are suffering various pains in their body.

Swedish massage should not be painful, if done by a well trained professional massage therapist. These therapists know truly well how to make the elderly client feel comfortable while applying the massage, and although a little soreness can be felt afterwards, the clients should feel better eventually and soon enough, they will experience the benefits that this type of massage can give them.